Octo Project – Crochet Octopus By Anastasia Popova

One of the newest and hottest trends in the crochet world is the Octo Project, a crocheted octopus.

Octo Project is a worldwide project that has crafters help preemies thrive by crocheting octopuses for babies in the NICU. The tentacles of the octopus resemble the umbilical cord and remind babies of the womb and comfort.” – Anastasia Popova

Anastasia made modifications to the original Octo Project pattern to better suit US crocheters.  Changes are made to accommodate worsted weight yarn and eliminate seeming.

You can see Anastasia’s Octo Project Crochet Octopus pattern on her website, Crochet For Babies.  Below is the video that she put together for the crochet community.

About Anastasia:

Anastasia enjoys helping others and sharing the joy of learning something new.  She has been always teaching something to someone, from tutoring math and chemistry to teaching crochet.

Her crochet career began when she designed and produced a line of kids’ clothes and accessories for local boutiques.  After a very positive feedback to her work, she started teaching private and group crochet classes to adult and kids.  Upon the request of her students she wrote several patterns and taught classes based on those patterns.  This launched a path to designing for crochet magazines and self publishing.

Anastasia has been published in several issues of Interweave Crochet and Tangled, and appeared at Knit Picks and Crochet pattern a day calendar.